Nicole Marsden Photographer | About
I like weddings. Correction: I LOVE weddings. In the 10 years that I have been a photographer, I've seen almost everything interesting pass before my lens but nothing gives me that 'Oh my goodness and they call this a JOB?' feeling quite like shooting a bride as she appears at the top of the aisle while the guests all gasp at how beautiful she looks.
Maybe it's a cliché to be in love with your job but hey, that's me. I love everything about weddings…the flowers...the dress...the bride...the EXCITEMENT! I love taking the lid off the flower box and seeing what the bride has chosen for her bouquet. I love opening the dress bag and seeing the big secret revealed, then being the one chosen to make that secret a beautiful image to be forever treasured. I love capturing the nervous excitement of the bride's Mum, and that incredible expression on Dad's face when he sees his daughter all dressed up for the first time.
I also get a buzz from the privilege of sharing these very special, private moments and being the one to catalogue them for all time. Most people don’t get to see the bride until she is walking up the aisle - I get to spend the whole morning with her and her bridesmaids as the adrenalin builds. I get to hang out with the boys as they play pool or shoot clay birds and sip on a bit of sneaky Dutch courage.
Best of all I adore the romance of the day - hearing the heartfelt vows and seeing the look exchanged between two people in love as they are officially announced as husband and wife for the very first time.
Call me a romantic – I don't deny it.
So where did all this come from? I'm a kiwi girl who grew up attending the (much repeated) wedding of Barbie and Ken first in Lower Hutt and then Taupo, where my love-affair with photographing weddings began, covering the Waikato and Hawke's Bay region. I now live in Masterton with my own gorgeous husband and three children who, predictably, get REALLY sick of mum taking photos of them all the time.

So that's a little (or a lot?) about me. I'd love to know something about you, especially your love story and your dream wedding. Give me a call or an email and let’s get excited about your wedding together.